The KANOprintTM platform is an on-the-spot custom corrective thermoforming system.


The KANOprintTM  Direct Forming Station allows the creation of custom total contact orthotics in non-weight bearing subtalar neutral position while simultaneously accounting for soft tissue expansion which is not possible with plaster or digital casting methods.  The KANOformTM thermoplastic resin allows thermoforming at a lower temperature which when used with the KANOprintTM Direct Forming Station allows the orthotic to be formed directly to the patients foot in corrected positioning.  KANOprintTM will allow the patient to feel what their device will feel like prior to direct forming it and as such adjustments can be made to the impression before forming the device to the foot thus ensuring a device which is not only therapeutic but perfectly tolerated.  The device is formed and dispensed on the first visit thus removing the need for casting and follow-up dispensing appointments.


KANOprintTM is a platform equipped with two high-resistance silicone casting bladders allowing the creation the orthosis in the corrected or neutral position directly on the foot of the patient.


It is possible to obtain a plaster or polyurethane resin positive mold as well. The bladders are filled with micro-spheres for a more defined negative impression and to directly create a discharge area. It is also equipped with grip bars for patient assistance.

kanoprint  2.0

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