A design with faint vintage touches that is accompanied by a design that puts ergonomics and comfort in order to enhance the cozy feeling and wellbeing of the patient.

Available in 1-4 motors and includes digital SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) with computer tested of the ATE card and 360 degree swivel base with locking gear ring ensure fast, silent and reliable movements.

Nova contains a patented anti-tilt system to prevent movement during the patient’s treatment. Upholstery is non slip and seamless. It is available in 16 colors and offers excellent ergonomics to the podiatrist for better treatment and patient comfort.

The three independent motors offer any position at any height.

The integrated headrest can easily be moved to adapt it to people of different heights and premium padding provides additional comfort to the patient.


  • Contoured backrest for a comfortable and relaxed patient treatment. Chair adaptation to the patient's height, which allows for individual and very comfortable patient positioning.

  • Upholstered arms with synchronized to the backrest movement and also fold independently.

  • The low ground clearance and folding arms facilitate easy access for patient.

  • Single extendable leg rest with up-down controlled by gas piston assisted lever.

  • 2 programmable positions attained by pressing a single foot pedal button with a return to zero button.

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